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Ballyglass Community Futures

Community Open Day- June 12th - 2pm to 5pm

You are invited to come to our Community Futures Open Day in the Community Centre on June 12th.  There will be ....
  • a display of the results of our recent Community Survey
  • a chance to vote on the projects that are a priority for you
  • displays from all the local organisations and businesses
  • a bouncy castle for the young (and not so young!!)
  • games and activities
  • a chance to catch up with the neighbors over a cuppa tea and a sandwich.

Household Survey Complete

The Community Futures Team would like to thank all the members of our Community for taking part in the survey.

We hope you took the opportunity reflect on Ballyglass and how to contribute to a shared vision for the future.

The results of this survey will be used to form a Community Action Plan that reflects community views and which can be used as a guide for local organisations in representing the community and in taking forward projects that matter most for local people.

It will help support us to get funding for priority projects by demonstrating community need and support – the more survey forms we get back the more support we can demonstrate for local issues.


The "Community Futures" Programme is designed to assist communities throughout Mayo to prepare Community Action Plans for their Future. The plans are prepared following detailed consultation and involvement of local residents and businesses. 

The whole process takes around 6 months to carry out in each community, at the end of which the Plan is prepared and distributed to all households and relevant public agencies. 

Overall, the intention of the program is to support stronger, more proactive communities throughout Mayo to have a greater say over their future. The aim of the program within communities is to encourage the interest and participation of more people in community issues and organisations. 

The program is invaluable in helping public agencies understand the needs and aspirations of communities and in helping to shape their policies, plans and service delivery.

Community Profile
Community Profile is a report that documents the facts and figures about a community.

Community Profile Content
The information gathered in a community profile will include:

  • General Information
  • Economic Information
  • Social Services and Community Information
  • Environmental Information
  • Heritage and Cultural Information

Community Profile Information.
Community Profile information looks at the TotalsChanges, Comparisons and Key Issues in the following areas.....

  • Population
  • Housing
  • Economy
  • Education, Training and Childcare
  • Health and Care 
  • Community and Social 
  • Leisure and Recreation and Open Space 
  • Transport
  • Utilities
  • Emergency Services
  • Environment
  • Heritage and Culture